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Welcome to Partridge Doodles and Poodles. Located in Bells Texas, our passion lies in breeding the most adorable Toy and Mini Poodles, Micro Mini Golden Doodles, Maltipoos, and Pomapoos.

To ensure the best genetic outcomes, all our parents undergo thorough genetic testing through Embark. When it comes to our precious puppies, socialization is key. They get plenty of love and interaction, constantly mingling with other animals, friends, and even children. Whether it's in our cozy homes or in the care of our trusted guardians, their well-rounded development is our utmost priority.

Got any questions or are curious about the availability of our furry bundles of joy? We've got you covered! Just reach out to our puppy placement expert, Miranda. She's always ready to lend a helping hand and chat with you. Just give her a call at (903)449-2112.

Toy and Mini Poodles

Micro Mini Golden Doodles



Some of What We Offer

Our puppies are raised with great care, ensuring they grow up healthy and well-adjusted. Through constant socialization with other animals, people, and children, they develop into friendly and sociable companions.

We prioritize the health of our puppies by providing them with their first shots and deworming treatments. This ensures they start their journey with you on the right paw, ready to embark on a happy and healthy life together.

With our one-year health guarantee, we stand behind the well-being of our puppies, giving you peace of mind as you welcome them into your home. We're committed to their long-term happiness and care.

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Meet the Breeders

Norma Partridge, Miranda Embree, Lacie & Michael Partridge

Being a dog breeder is our true passion and calling. We wholeheartedly invest ourselves in the incredible journey of bringing adorable fur babies into this world. It fills our hearts with immense joy to witness the formation of loving bonds between these precious pups and their forever families. With unwavering dedication and a genuine love for what we do, we are committed to creating moments of pure happiness and tail-wagging bliss as we help connect people with their perfect four-legged companions.

We are a reputable Dog Breeder located in Bells, Texas

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