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About Us

Partridge Doodles and Poodles: Raising Exceptional Puppies with Love

Pride in being a reputable dog breeder

At Partridge Doodles and Poodles, we take immense pride in our passion for breeding and raising exceptional dogs. Nestled in the scenic town of Bells, Texas, our family is committed to producing happy, healthy, and well-socialized puppies.

With a focus on Toy Poodles, Micro Mini Golden Doodles, Maltipoos, and Pomapoos, we strive to match families with their perfect furry companions.

Our breeding program goes beyond simply creating adorable puppies. We prioritize the overall well-being and temperament of our dogs, ensuring they receive the utmost care and attention from the moment they are born.

Our puppies are raised in a loving home environment, surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of everyday life. This early exposure to different stimuli and interactions helps them develop into well-rounded and confident companions.

We are dedicated to providing support and guidance to our puppy parents, ensuring a seamless transition as these furry bundles of joy find their forever homes whether in Bells, Texas, or beyond.

Partridge Doodles and Poodles
Partridge Doodles and Poodles
Partridge Doodles and Poodles
Finding the perfect puppy is like discovering a treasure that fills your life with endless joy and love.
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